Californian Cruisin’

A non profit organization devoted in part to bring together people of a common interest:

  • to serve as a medium of exchange of ideas, information and parts for owners and admirers of American Automobiles.
  • to aid them in the restoration, preservation and use of American Automobiles in their original likeness.

Membership of the association is open to all owners, their partners and families. and admirers of all American Automobiles, including motor cars, trucks and commercial vehicles.

General aims:

  • To provide an association of American Automobile owners and admirers that is in no way demanding on its members.
  • To provide access to the Conditional Historic/Classic  Registration Scheme for American Automobiles, both left and right hand drive.
  • To provide social contact via a central mailing address and a website.
  • To receive information and advice on all matters pertaining to the use and restoration of American Automobiles, including runs and shows etc.
  • To process this information, as well as any other relevant material, into an website and a newsletter to be distributed amongst its members.
Brian's '66 Mustang