Photos of the Sponsors’ Choices for ChromeFest 2019

The criteria for prizes was “the car that they would like to drive home in”. All great cars and I would be happy to be in any one of them.

The Alan Ballard Memorial Trophy is awarded to the car that was deemed by the sponsor to be his car of show. Alan was one of the early members and a stalwart of the club who sadly passed on.

The John Benson Memorial Trophy is a peoples choice run on Sunday. John was the founder of the club, a real gentleman and remembered by all with great fondness.

Brian Staples, President

Allan Ballard Memorial Trophy Car of Show

Michael's C10 Chev

The John Benson Memorial People’s Choice

Neil's 69 Camaro

American Top Muscle

Dave's '74 Chevrolet Camaro
Dave's '74 Chevrolet Camaro

Wild Custom

John's Wild Custom Ford Hotrod

Category: Hot rods

Category: Chevrolet

Category: Fords

Category: Australian

Category: Invitation Kombi

Category: Invitation Retro Caravan