December 17th  2017, an invitation from club member Peter and Carole Olsen had our members meeting at Maccas at Morisset for our Christmas Party run out to their loverly property at the upper reaches of Dora Creek, Martinsville.

When we all arrived we were greeted with the tunes from Terry Mac to get us in the festive mood. What a talent he is!

Some of us sang, some danced, some just listened and it sure was an eyeopener for new members Simon and Tulay and daughter Elenor up for their first run from Sydney, and Mark Johnston all the way from Cooronbong; also Dave and Karen from Toronto.

My thanks to Pete and Carol and also Janis and Janet for their shopping exploits getting the tucker while we had a gabfest then the nice drive out to the property.

There was much fun and frivolity playing a version of ‘Trivial Pursuit’, although I personally think the judge was biased. After lunch an impromptu auction saw what was left of our old club attire stock  go to members for a song, although no one actually sang. Janet nearly had a kitten when her old handbag was nearly auctioned off, she’d been looking for that bag for ages.

After all that everybody slowly departed for home and all I saw was happy faces.

Postnote: When somebody got home and was unpacking,

“Where are the chairs?”

“Ï don’t know, you packed them”

“No, you packed them”

“No, you did!”

“Get in, we’ll have to drive back and get them”

Oh Ray…………